Alexander Holmeset

MVP Office Apps & Services

Alexander Holmeset is MVP in Office Apps and Services and works as a Cloud Consultant at CloudWay. He currently blogs at alexholmeset.blog. He is very passionate about unified communication and automation. He has an extensive background from customer care, and have an eye for understanding what the end user needs. Experienced with international spread videoconference systems, IP Telephony, end user training/support and advanced troubleshooting.

Alexander´s focus is everything Skype for Business, Office 365 and automation with PowerShell. He will strive to deliver stable and user friendly solutions that meets customer requirements and help them start taking use of the advantages in Office 365.Certified in ITIL Foundation framework and is an MCSE Productivity.

His motto is: If you are going to do something more than once, then automate it.

My Sessions

Getting started with Graph API and PowerShell

Graph API and PowerShell is a perfect match. Il show you how to get started using PowerShell to interact with the Graph API. How can we construct JSON requests in PowerShell and create/get the objects we want.