Michael Bender

Cloud Advocate at Microsoft

Cloud Advocate at Microsoft & Working to change the world and skill-up the IT/Ops community.

Michael is a teacher at heart. Coming from a career teaching at a community college and work for 19 years as a system engineer & trainer focused on PowerShell, Automation and Windows Server, his passion is for helping people learn the skills necessary to ‘level-up’ their careers, and helping businesses achieve their goals. Sharing everything is how he guides his career as everyone wins when you share what you know.

Currently, he is a Cloud Advocate at Microsoft. This team focuses on engaging and advocating for Operations-focused communities to the engineering teams in Microsoft Azure. You’ll find Michael and his #AzOps team at conferences, online, and building great content at docs.com.

He is passionate about the IT Operations community. For the last 9 years, he has led up a user group called The Krewe, a worldwide networking group for IT Pros and Developers. This group provides a global network for the sharing of ideas and solutions for many in the Operations community.

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